How to Have Sweet Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice to sink into your pillow after a long, hard day, knowing that the night will bring pleasant dreams? It may be possible. In 2010, Richard Wiseman, a professor and psychologist at England’s University of Hertfordshire, commissioned the creation of a free app called Dream:ON, and began a two-year experiment on dreaming that […]

Do You Drink Too Much?

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month. Before you pour that next glass of wine, here are some need-to-know consequences that could just change your drinking habits. Not everyone drinks, but a lot of us do. It’s at the heart of many social interactions: We join coworkers for happy hour, toast good news with champagne and bring beer […]

This Just In: The Worst Restaurant Meal in America Is from Long John Silver

The Center for Science and the Public Interest (CSPI) unveiled what it’s calling the worst meal in America: The “Big Catch with Onion Rings” at Long John Silver’s. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Fish and Chips dinner. This plate of fried fish includes hush puppies and onion rings and has a heart-stopping 33 grams of trans fat […]