How to Have Sweet Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice to sink into your pillow after a long, hard day, knowing that the night will bring pleasant dreams? It may be possible. In 2010, Richard Wiseman, a professor and psychologist at England’s University of Hertfordshire, commissioned the creation of a free app called Dream:ON, and began a two-year experiment on dreaming that […]

Can Probiotics Ease Baby’s Colic?

If your baby has colic—hours of inconsolable crying that are not related to a medical problem—you’ll probably try just about anything to make him feel better. But when it comes to one trending treatment, new research says don’t bother. As recently as January, studies were suggesting that probiotics—live bacteria thought to regulate digestive systems—could help soothe colic, and […]

Do You Drink Too Much?

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month. Before you pour that next glass of wine, here are some need-to-know consequences that could just change your drinking habits. Not everyone drinks, but a lot of us do. It’s at the heart of many social interactions: We join coworkers for happy hour, toast good news with champagne and bring beer […]