The massive redesign of required integrating separate content management systems and diplomatically balancing the needs of different departments. Heather’s organizational skills, understanding of complex systems, and enthusiasm for creating something truly special drove the project forward. 
Judy Patrick VP, Editorial Development, New York Press Association

Without a doubt, Heather is an asset to any organization. Three key things come to mind when describing Heather: accomplished, innovative and collaborative. 
Caroline Boardman McCarthy, Public Relations & Marketing Expert

The best way to describe Heather is that she will never let you down. Whether you are looking for a great idea, thorough edit, or delivery of a complicated project, you can count on her. She is smart and quick and anybody would be lucky to work with her. 
-Angela Law, Digital Lifestyle Editor and Content Strategist

Heather is the kind of editor writers clamor to work with: She’s focused, collaborative and open to new ideas. To her, writers are not just copy mills but rather resources to be used throughout the editing process.
Cynthia Ramnarace Writer & Editor

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